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“Mr. McGrail gave his advice and shared his insight concerning both sales and HR matters. It was a great pleasure to work and learn from Mr. McGrail’s experience and knowledge.”
- Managing Director - manufacturing company
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“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”
- Paul J. Meyer

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Identifying, Hiring, and Promoting Talent

Are we hiring the best people? Promoting the right people? Developing the talent within the organization? Building strong leaders?

At TMG, we have assessed thousands of individuals from PhD’s to shop-floor managers.  We combine our knowledge of what organizations need with great assessment instruments. These tools provide a comprehensive view of the total person and evaluate the fit between job requirements and a candidate's abilities, aptitudes, and personal traits.

In addition to evaluating the fit between job and candidate, these tools also provide valuable insights to managers, coaches, trainers, mentors, and all those responsible for promoting the personal and professional growth of employees.

At TMG, we not only set up these assessments, we also help our clients interpret the results and apply them to their own department or company. Our clients tell us that this process has helped them build teams capable of working together to produce breakthrough performance. Individuals who have participated in the evaluation process tell us that the insights they've gained into their own skills and potential have been invaluable in the development of their careers.

To explore whether our assessment programs can help you improve performance by identifying, hiring, and promoting the most talented candidates, just give us a call us at 919-341-4902 or contact us here.

Profile Evaluation System® (PES)

The Profile Evaluation System — which benefits business, industry, government, education, and other services — characterizes individuals on a number of psychological traits that are important for job performance. Results allow companies and individuals to maximize the fit between their employment demands and the abilities, aptitudes and personalities of employees or potential employees. When this fit is optimal, employees are more comfortable and productive, and in turn, inefficiency and turnover are minimized.

Hiring the right people is important, but managers should also develop the management and leadership skills of their present employees. Information about individuals and their tendencies is extraordinarily valuable in these contexts as well.

The PES identifies strengths and areas for development so that companies can make sound employment, retention, assignment, training, and promotion decisions. To help with this, the PES features 16 job-related characteristics and includes two validity scales.

Based on the knowledge that strengths in some dimensions can compensate for challenges in others, the system assesses over 100 possible combinations or correlations of personality traits and mental aptitudes. The PES also allows users to customize patterns and benchmarks for the positions within an organization. Managers can use the results to determine which employees’ mental aptitudes and personality dimensions best reflect the characteristics required of certain jobs. When employers use the system in conjunction with other coaching, hiring and interviewing tools, the PES results can help ensure they are treating employees and applicants fairly and without regard to race, color, religion, gender, or national origin.


The Personal Insights Profile

This uses the Style Analysis Instrument DiSC and was designed to help people win, and to achieve a greater degree of success in life and work.  Achievers throughout history have had one thing in common – they know themselves.  Achievers don’t underestimate what they can do.  They don’t sell themselves short.  They know their own limitations and, by realizing their weaknesses, are able to develop plans to overcome their shortcomings and take full advantage of their strengths.

Achiever and Sales Achiever

If you are hiring or promoting for your business TMG takes the guesswork out of this process by using one or more of these assessments with your people.

Many clients have refused to hire, promote or develop their people without first contacting The McGrail Group, Inc. for an assessment.

Also, if you need to determine development needs before enrolling your people in courses you should consider the following:

The assessment tool ACHIEVER and SALES ACHIEVER have been successfully implemented in thousands of organizations throughout the United States and Canada over the last 30 years.  ACHIEVER combines cognitive and personality scales in a normative instrument to provide a well-rounded, comprehensive description of an individual's aptitudes and personality. 

The ACHIEVER predicts how an individual may perform in a given job by comparing that individual's Profile to a normative pattern, which can be developed for a specific job at a specific organization. Along with interviewing, checking references, and administering other applicable tests, the ACHIEVER helps ensure good solid, hiring decisions.

Because it is very comprehensive, the ACHIEVER is often used in hiring and placement of higher-level associates and SALES ACHIEVER is used for sales individuals. As coaching tools, the ACHIEVER helps a group leader communicate more skillfully with group members and develop them more effectively.

The reports provide important information on 6 mental aptitudes and 10 personality dimensions, along with 2 validity scales. Information can be saved and retrieved for further evaluations and reports.

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